Transition Services


Resource: Secondary Transition Live Binder

  • CIP code for students who attend Vo-Tech at ICTC

  • Courses of Study: List current year’s courses by name. (This is part of the “coordinated set of activities” that help the student move from high school to identified postsecondary goals. The courses should support academic and functional achievement and should promote graduation by meeting district standards.)

  • See NOTES on Transition Grid completion.

Complete Transition grid: EDUCATION

  • Include at least one Service and one Activity.

  • SERVICE – addresses skill deficits & leads to measurable annual goal & progress monitoring (i.e., build vocabulary skills, follow 3-step directions, self advocacy skills); keep this vague in the grid, but tied to measurable goal in the goal section of IEP. NOTE: ALL IEP GOALS MUST BE ADDRESSED SOMEWHERE ON TRANSITION GRID.

  • ACTIVITY – provided to help student achieve postsecondary goals, but DOESN’T NEED Measurable Annual Goal (i.e., visit a college or job fair).

If a student does not know what he/she wants to do, make sure the goal says explore options.

Indicate whether the goal is correlated to a measurable annual goal. Each goal should have 1 service/activity AND 1 that correlates with a measurable annual goal.

NOTE: Reference how student’s disability may impact post-secondary goal attainment.

NOTE: Reference ALL measurable annual goals in the grid (services). Each IEP goal should be included on the transition grid at least one time.

Complete Transition grid: EMPLOYMENT

  • Include at least one Service and one Activity.


  • Include at least one Service and one Activity.