Final Prep for IEP Meeting

  • Make a draft copy of the IEP for meeting (for signatures).

  • Prepare the NOREP. (NOTE: Although NOREPs are only legally required when the student experiences a change of placement, IASD currently recommends preparing a NOREP with each IEP regardless of whether or not there is a change in placement.)

  • Also, add “Regular Ed” option (even if 1-step up & 1-step down wouldn’t include regular ed. option).

  • Write a pass for student to attend the meeting.

  • Email reminder to teachers, LEA, office secretaries who will be letting parents in, and others - the morning of the meeting.

  • Review/highlight IEP in order to facilitate a smooth, relevant and meaningful meeting.

  • NOTE: If a draft IEP document has been created prior to the meeting, it is helpful to share this draft (clearly marked DRAFT) with the parent 48 hours ahead of the meeting so they are not surprised by anything, nor do they feel left out of the process.