NOREP Language

1. Type of action taken:

Continuation of Itinerant Learning Support services for *

2. A description of the action proposed or refused by the LEA:

Continue Itinerant Learning Support services for *.

3. An explanation of why the LEA proposed or refused to take the action:

* qualifies for special education services (__) and continues to demonstrate a need for special education services in order to receive FAPE (free appropriate public education).

4. A description of other options that the IEP team considered and the reasons why those options were rejected.

Regular Education

* qualifies & continues to demonstrate need for special ed services in order to receive FAPE.

Supplemental Learning Support

* can receive FAPE with Itinerant Learning Support services.

5. A description of each evaluation procedure, assessment, record or report used as a basis for the proposed action or action refused:

*’s most recent ER/RR, IEP (including IEP goal baseline & progress monitoring data, teacher input, and SDIs), PowerSchool grade records, and current schedule/course load for the current academic year.

6. A description of other factors that were relevant to the LEA’s proposal or refusal:


7. The educational placement recommended for your child is

Itinerant Learning Support

Email Signature-Approval Language

  1. Were you present at the video/phone conference IEP meeting on __?

  2. Did you receive the Procedural Safeguards Notice with your invitation to the IEP meeting that was mailed from IASD?

  3. Do you approve of continuing Itinerant Learning Support services for __ as discussed at the meeting today (NOREP form)?

If you agree/approve, please reply to this email with the message: "I reply YES to these three questions" and type your full name. Thank you!