Schedule, Invite, and Conference

  1. Check availability of administrator/LEA.

  2. Contact parent/guardian to schedule date and discuss initial concerns.

  3. Email teachers date/time/location of IEP meeting & IEP Teacher Input Google Form.

  4. Send invite letter to parent/guardian and student (document agency invitation) through guidance office.

  • Must invite student to the meeting IF the student will turn 14 w/in the coming IEP year. The invitation must reflect that both parent(s) and student are invited. Ensure that the correct boxes on the IEP invitation letter are checked for students eligible for transition planning.

  • Invite representatives from appropriate agencies IF the agency is likely to provide or pay for transition services. ONLY invite with parent permission. Document agency involvement in Present Levels section of the IEP under secondary transition. Putting "Agency Involvement" as a separate bullet in this section is helpful.

  1. Conference with the student to establish rapport and conduct baseline assessments (Success Skills Assessment & Priority Functional Skills Evaluation at, baseline data for IEP goals, and transition planning). Also see Secondary Transition, Casey Life Skills, and Finding Age-Appropriate Transition Assessments.