Cover & Signature Pages

Make sure you make an archive copy of the old IEP before starting the new IEP.

Cover Page

  • The IEP Team Meeting Date is the date of the meeting (at least 1 IEP meeting/calendar year and w/in 30 calendar days of ER or RR).

  • The Implementation Date usually should be next school day.*

  • The Anticipated Duration of Services should be one year later MINUS ONE DAY from the IEP meeting date.

  • On the Other Information line, identify the student's exceptionality category.

Signature Page

The following individuals are required at an IEP meeting: parent, LEA, special education teacher, and regular education teacher. The student must be invited if he/she is turning 14 or older in coming IEP year.

Procedural Safeguards

Don't minimize or make light of these safeguards during the meeting. They are important. Some schools provide parents with a one-page simple summary? (See TN example - QUICK GUIDE.)

*Write the first day the student will begin to receive the supports and services described in this IEP. IEPs must be implemented as soon as possible but no later than 10 SCHOOL days after the final IEP is presented to the parent. NOTE: Pattan also states, “However, when a NOREP/PWN must be issued to the parent, the LEA must wait until the 11th calendar day after presenting the NOREP/PWN to the parent.” (The reason for this annotation is unclear, and many districts do not wait 11 days.)