LST Tasks & Responsibilities

IEP Case Manager

Write IEPs, facilitate IEP meetings, and oversee the effective implementation of students' IEPs.

Beginning of Year:

  • Review the IEP of each student on roster.
  • Create a confidential IEP Snapshot. See
  • Open access in SEAS (IEP online program) for students’ teachers.
  • Archive all IEPs on roster in SEAS.
  • Review students’ SDIs & IEPs and note any tasks that need to be completed w/ due date.
  • Make beginning-of-year IEP revisions (schedule/placement changes, etc.). This requires parent calls.
  • Create a master schedule of all IEP Roster students.
  • Plan Instructional Aides’ schedules in light of student needs (coordinate with other Special Ed teachers).
  • Develop schedule/plan for LS students’ pull-out rotation in interventions and resource.
  • Communicate flex schedule with students (i.e., tape schedule in assignment book).
  • Create a to-do list and calendar..
  • Place key events from annual school calendar in Google calendar.
  • Note each student’s IEP date and place IEP & PREP in calendar/to-do list (at least 1 month prior to mtg). ALSO NOTE any students who have SP-L therapy (remember to invite SP-L therapist to IEP meetings).
  • Note any assigned duties in calendar (bus duty, etc.).
  • Complete baseline assessments for IEP goals.
  • Meet with roster students and review how to log into PowerSchool to self-monitor grades, email teachers, etc.
  • Complete a master list of roster students who need tests/quizzes read to them throughout the year.

Ongoing throughout Year:

  • Collaborate & communicate with students’ teachers to facilitate IEP implementation.
  • Write new IEPs for each student on roster prior to IEP expiration date and facilitate IEP meetings.
  • Update IEP Snapshot after each IEP meeting (new SDI, etc.).
  • Track progress monitoring on each student’s IEP goal throughout the quarter.
  • Complete quarterly IEP progress reports.
  • Communicate with parents/guardians and maintain a log of all communications (Google Doc).
  • Respond to admin, faculty, parent, and others emails & communications in a timely way (ASAP).

Strategic Inclusion & Intervention - ELA

Partner with ELA teachers in the special design and facilitation of learning for students with identified ELA needs (regular ed and/or LS hybrid environments).

  • Organize the classroom, create bulletin boards, put up posters, and prepare the room for 1st day of school.
  • Consult with ELA teachers in designing courses with universal design strategies and interventions.
  • Track students’ progress related to IEP goals and complete “Present Levels” and “Goal” sections of IEPs.
  • Prepare materials and assessments for classes as needed.
  • Score and evaluate student assessments as needed.

Other Professional Duties

  • Attend team, faculty/staff and department meetings & serve on various committees.
  • Fulfill duties (bus duty, etc.) as assigned.
  • Develop and track SLOs and other teacher evaluation tools.
  • Attend professional development trainings.
  • Read and review educational blogs, journals, websites, etc. to stay current and on cutting edge.